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Dee-Jay Publications was set up by Dorothy and Jim Rees (Dee-Jay) mainly to publish books of high quality which commercial publishers deem too narrow in focus to be viable. While this has remained the primary function of the company, we have produced several books that have enjoyed international sales and we have distribution partners in the United States and Canada. Dorothy carries out much of the administrative work, leaving Jim to research and write, as well as work with clubs and groups who request advice on producing club histories, etc



Dee-Jay Publications was established in 1992. Based in the Irish coastal town of Arklow in south-east County Wicklow, its main focus of publication is books relating to that area, rich as it is in history, archaeology, biography, and folklore. Since its establishment Dee-Jay has published books and historical lists on such topics as biography, stories of emigration, lists of emigrants and other listings of genealogical interest, and maritime history. We have also worked with local groups in producing club histories, etc. Submissions considered.


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